Fire Risk Assessment

About Fire Risk Assessment

A fire anywhere can have devestating effects

The Avesta Group will provide expertise and guidance to duty holders and those responsible for ensuring fire safety within their premises. We do this by undertaking a process of fire risk assessment through which we shall evaluate the risk from fire within your premises, advise you on how to prevent fires from occurring and safeguarding people by providing a plan to ensure that anyone working, visiting, or using your premises is protected should a fire occur. We have a broad fire risk assessment experience and can accommodate duty holders with responsibility for all workplaces including those providing residential and health care, education, commercial, industrial, and social housing including houses in multiple occupation.

Fire Risk Assessment

Download the ASFP Fire Risk Assessment Guide:

Avesta Scotland Limited

Invaluable Assistance

Avesta provide invaluable assistance to those now responsible for Fire Safety whether within an office, restaurant, care home or over a wide number of Housing Association properties.

We can carry out a Fire Risk Assessment on your premises and through the implementation of our recommendations, we can drastically reduce the probability of a fire starting and ensure effective systems are in place to safeguard your property but more importantly, your personnel.

Fire Risk Assessment